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It is interesting that so many couples embark on couples therapy without knowing exactly what is involved.

This is ok, of course; it’s better to go in to something knowing you aren’t sure what will happen, rather than to go in with confident expectations that turn out to be off the mark.


All couples therapy sessions are 50 minutes’ duration.


Medicare rebates do not apply to couples therapy, but some private insurers offer cover for couple therapy with a psychologist.


Here are some other things to consider before embarking on couples therapy:

1. In order for couples therapy to take place, there needs to be a couple. This means that both of you need to be available to attend sessions, and that you have a good enough working relationship that you can work together in at least a basic way to reach agreements about things.

2. Couples therapy, like individual therapy, can be helpful, but also hard work. You may find, at least to begin with, that there are difficult subjects raised, and difficult feelings emerging.

3. Couples therapy is a very good idea for new couples or when you are about to embark on a new chapter in the relationship, such as marriage or children; you don’t need to be in crisis to come in for couples therapy

Couple therapy is provided at our rooms by Cal Paterson, Claudia Vayda, and Rhiannon Mitchell

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